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The city of Yiwu lies in the center of the Zhejiang district, connected at south to Guangdong and Fujian, at north to Shanghai and towards east to the international harbor of Ningbo. Shanghai lies at 300 km away while Hnagzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, 120 km from Yiwu.

The transportation is favored both by highway and railway that connects the main Chinese cities to Yiwu.

Yiwu nevertheless offers a new international airport that provides many local flights in China and direct connections with Hong Kong.

Yiwu covers a surface of 1.105 of sq with 7 districts while it has 6 cities 

Yiwu is famous in the whole world due to the fact that it is considered the largest wholesale market of merchandises in the world.

The Yiwu market has a surface of 2,6 million sq m, offers 43 commercial lines and  more than 400.000 kinds of merchandises. 

     Yiwu has 50 specialized markets and 58.000 direct retailer.

     If we took the time to stop at each retailer just 3 minutes during an eight hours walk a day, we would need an entire year to be able to visit all!

     Yiwu welcomes a daily average of 200.000 customers. Every day there are beyond 2.000 containers bound for 215 countries and regions in the world.  

All that you can imagine can be bought here.     


Microelle has chosen to open an operative office in Yiwu because there is no better place in China where you can act at international level for business, thanks mainly to a range of markets that offers the buyer the possibility of moving within an immense commercial structure, quick and direct.

To be able to move easily between the markets without losing time, our Italian and international staff will offer you all the necessary assistance, guaranteeing you the utmost calm and transparency.

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