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Microelle offers commercial solutions suitable to every kind of trade, both for small as well as medium enterprises. 

Many European buyers gaze with great curiosity at the Chinese market. Our goal is to give an excellent commercial and logistic assistance at 360 degree


Microelle carries out daily customized researches of products, suppliers, potential clients and Chinese partners in China. The researches are carried out with precision, leaning on collaborators in China and partners made throughout the years. Every research is made ad hoc, the facts can be further on rated with title searches issued by the Chamber of Commerce and corporate reports. The essential steps to be made in the researches for products and Chinese companies are the following:


*achievement of new and specialized product technology

*search for productive companies in China

*contact with Chinese companies and request of informative material and company documentation in order to estimate products quality

 * call for exchange rate and samples from China in order to carry out price and quality comparison 


*Microelle offers the following services as integrative part of the company research in China: client support related to commercial relationship provided by our office in China.


 *contractual and customs assistance, attention for import and follow-up of payments and orders.




MIcroelle performs quality controls in China in any company in any district what so ever. The controls are essential for all companies that orders products from China; especially during the first meeting it is necessary to have a clear idea what comes to the supplier or the quality of the merchandise that will be shipped. Microelle sends trusted staff with great experience regarding following controls:


To be able to verify that a physical supplier exists at first buy/retail.


Verify the “consistency” of the supplier by visiting offices, production and warehouses.


Collection of samples that subsequently will be sent to the client in Italy (suggested for the companies that does e-business in the Shenzhen area).


Controls of the merchandise before it gets embarked.

Market research means finding the desired product in as short time as possible guaranteeing nevertheless the highest quality.

The buyer entrusts Microelle’s business agents the delicate assignment of the research of the right product to export from the Chinese market.

Technically this takes place while creating a winning work formula of research connected to internet and above all directly to a person on Chinese territory. Our Microelle agents visit various markets and factories pertaining to the requested product.

This guarantees the buyer a high guarantee of success and mainly avoids bad surprises deriving from a physical distance with China and linguistic incomprehension. 

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